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COW Seminar

The COW seminar is an algebraic geometry seminar, so called because it originally met in Cambridge, Oxford or Warwick. The COW has since grown and meetings, of which there are several each term, are now held in locations across the southern United Kingdom.

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General organisation of the COW seminar is currently carried out by a small group of cowherds, consisting of:

For the first 25 years of its existence, the COW seminar was run by Miles Reid (Warwick) and Gregory Sankaran (Bath), who still maintain an active interest in its organisation. We also have an extensive network of local organisers, who assist with the planning of meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

Details of upcoming meetings may be obtained by clicking the links below. Details for the next meeting may also be obtained by clicking on the link in the navigation bar.

Funding and Expense Claims

The COW seminar is funded by the London Mathematical Society under a scheme 3 grant. The funds are held at the University of Kent. To claim reimbursement for travel expenses incurred attending COW meetings, please complete the following form:

Travel Claim Form

After completing the form, please attach your original receipts and post to the following address:

Judith Broom


Sibson Building

Parkwood Road

University of Kent




If you wish to claim for travel by car, make a note of the number of miles that you drove (M), the number of passengers (not including the driver) (P), and the names of any passengers in the "Justification of Expense Claim" field, then compute the reimbursement amount (in pounds) using the formula (0.45+0.05P)*M.

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