Old COWs

This page is an archive of the history of the COW seminar. The COW seminar was founded in 1992 by Miles Reid and Gregory Sankaran. The inaugural meeting took place in Cambridge in early December of that year; the speakers at that meeting were Frances Kirwan and Helena Verrill.

The original COW webpage was put online by Gregory Sankaran in early 1994, hosted by the University of Cambridge, as a way to notify herd members of upcoming meetings. At the time, there were only around 10,000 websites on the fledgling internet. The COW has maintained an online presence ever since this date; the archives from past years may be found below.

The drawing of the cow to the right, which is also our favicon, has appeared somewhere on the COW webpage since its early days. It was originally created by Sketch the Cow (sketch (at) cow.net).

The historic COW logo

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